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Money Bags

Minced chicken, potatoes, and carrots wrapped in a crispy pouch; served with cucumber salad.

Veggie Eggrolls

Silver noodles and vegetables. Served with sweet and sour sauce

Beef Jerky

Nuer Kem. Served with our special spicy sauce, chef's secret green sauce

Chicken Satay

BBQ sliced chicken skewer. Served with our homemade peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Garden Rolls

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp or tofu, vegetables and rice noodle; served with our exclusive peanut sauce

Pork Leg Stew

Ka Moo. Braised pork, served with pickled cabbage and a spicy garlic chili sauce

Dungeness Crab Pad Thai

Chan Pad Poo. Rice stick noodles, Dungeness crab meat, eggs and green onions

Egg Noodles with Yellow Curry

Kao Soy. Egg noodles topped with yellow curry, chicken or tofu, pickled mustard greens, red and crispy onions

Crispy Pork Belly

Moo Krob. Sautéed with your choice of spicy basil, Chinese broccoli or spicy green beans

Coconut Soup

Tom Kha. Hot and sour chicken soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, straw mushrooms, onions and galangal

Craving thai food? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving thai food? Order pickup or delivery now!
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